Joining Us

How to Join or Renew your Pathfinder Membership

A.   Join the Club by sending an email to Roy Mobsby at 

In your email please include your full name, contact address and telephone number also include your Date of Birth and then any other relevant information under the headings listed below

Military career.

Reg. No.

Parachuting experience

Wings awarded

Aircraft jumped

Anniversary events

Total sports jumps =
Total number of round canopy jumps =

If you wish your profile on the Private 'Members Only' pages of our website to be anonymous to other members of the club please also inform Roy Mobsby at the time of application

GDPR Statement - Your information is confidential and only used for the purposes of Membership of Pathfinder International Parachute Group and its activities therein. Your details are not shared with 3rd parties other than the regulatory and training authorities as required for the purposes of your Membership and the Club's Parachuting activities.


B.   Pay the Membership fee of 25.00 Sterling via PayPal  'Friends and Family' - (You don't need a PayPal account - only a credit or debit card)

 Pay Roy at    <click here

C.   For A Basic Parachute Training Course Briefing   Click HERE  (web page)

D.    Returning to do more jumps Including Commemorative drops YOU MUST  become a member of a recognised Sports Parachute Association. Pathfinder International Parachute Group recommends the Parachute Association of Ireland  but your own countries Sports Parachute Association  will suffice - i.e, USPA / FAI / KNVVL  See 5 below

All The PDF Forms below can be downloaded filled in and saved then sent by email- or printed. Right mouse click the form picture and select

(Chrome)  "Save Link as" 

(Internet Explorer) "Save Target as" 

New Microsoft ( Edge ) "open in new Tab"

Then right click and "save as"

Then open and fill in, Just click the boxes to fill them in save again to your computer, then Send to 

(don't save the thumb picture-see above)

1.  Medical form


Mandatory for all Parachuting.

to be completed by your GP. 

Click here to get a good, small, free GNU PDF Reader 

2.   Get 1 passport type photo - bring it with you to the course for the Training centre's records


The photograph will then be attached to your Static Line Parachuting license -

upon successful completion of the course and statutory requirements


The photograph must be clearly printed with your name on the reverse of the photo.


4. Insurance Documentation - It is vital you have good insurance.   

It is your responsibility to be Properly insured including medical repatriation to your home country.


If you are not properly insured it may stop you from taking part in some of the Pathfinder Activities


Ensure that you are covered for Static Line Parachuting - It is most important that they provide Medical Repatriation to your home country and that they provide adequate cover for equipment damage 


A reminder that if you damage a club Parachute you will have to make a claim and pay for it.



4. Parachute Training Centre Course Form

To be completed by all students attending a course on arrival / during documentation checks on the first evening These will be given to you at the Centre - not in advance -


5. For your Annual Sports Parachute Association Membership,

It is essential that you find your own - we recommend the Parachute Association of Ireland -

you must have membership of a Sports Parachute Association / Governing Body in order to legally be able to parachute in Europe


This is now available by online application at the following web address -


Ensure you bring 1 x passport size photo, Medical documents and Insurance, ensuring that it covers you for parachuting.

bring all forms to the course


1. Medical Form signed by Dr

2. 1 x passport photo

3. Insurance Documentation

4. Parachute Centre Declaration Form (will be filled in at the Parachute Centre   during documentation checks prior to any course start)

5. Sports Parachute Association Membership


Direct Contacts

( IC pathfinder )


   (Membership Admin & Web Assistant)


How to Pay Pathfinder - USE PayPal sending to Friends or Family Members

For all our members PayPal is the safest and most cost effective way to send money. Ensure you tell them the correct amount you want paid. Otherwise they will deduct the charges from us and you will not have paid the correct amount.  We are a club not a business so we are not able to absorbed the admin costs. If there any shortfalls in your payments you may have your payment returned and not accepted until the correct amount has been paid.


For all members use PAYPAL 'Friends and Family' to pay for shop orders and Course Fees.


      Word of warning...  When paying for an overseas course make sure you are paying in the correct type of currency requested upon your email application / confirmation.


This can and does vary.  For any problems with payments contact

Pay By PayPal

Go onto Google and type in PAYPAL. Once on the PAYPAL site look for 'who do you want to pay.'   you will be paying which is the address verified to the Pathfinder Group UK. select pay friends and family